Drupal Camp Pannonia 2018

Drupal Camp Pannonia 2018

Goran Nikolovski at Drupal Camp Pannonia 2018

Speaking at Drupal Camp Pannonia 2018 was an amazing experience. Sharing knowledge and ideas with the fellow Drupalers is always great, but this Camp that was held in Palić, Serbia was really something special. Being a speaker at the Camp where Commerce Guys' CEO Ryan Szrama and project lead Bojan Živanović also spoke, is a great honor for me.

I was speaking about our Smart Academy project. I gave overview of the backend side of the application. You can find out more about the Smart Academy here. Smart Academy is an all in one solution for hotels, student dorms, retail centers, smart buildings and all kind of public, residential places with many rooms and residents. By using this system you can control and monitor almost everything in your building, like heating, lighting, AC, doors, windows and much more. And the best thing is that the backend side of the application is built in Drupal 8.

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