Making my modules Drupal 9 ready

At the moment I'm a maintainer or co-maintainer of 22 Drupal projects. Only two of them are Drupal 7 modules, the rest are Drupal 8 modules. My plan for those 20 modules is to make them Drupal 9 ready by June 3, 2020, which is the date when Drupal 9 should be released.

I don't want to just make them Drupal 9 ready, I also want to add as many tests as I could. At the time I wrote most of my modules I didn't know much about writing PHPUnit tests. Now, when I'm more comfortable writing tests I want to add tests when that makes sense. Adding tests will ensure the stability of my modules in the future, and will also make adding new features much easier.

I started this journey several weeks ago, so some of my modules are already Drupal 9 ready. I'm adding a notice to let users know that the module is Drupal 9 ready.


About the Author

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