Hierarchical taxonomy menu

Submitted by gnikolovski on Sun, 01/01/2017 - 12:31

Hierarchical taxonomy menu

Hierarchical taxonomy menu

Creating a menu from taxonomy terms is a very common scenario in the Drupal word. With Hierarchical taxonomy menu you can easily create menus, just by choosing a vocabulary and eventual field from that vocabulary which contains an image. This module is written for Drupal 8 and it is still in development, so if you want to suggest a feature or if you found a bug please go here and create an issue.

How to install module?

You can install Hierarchical taxonomy menu the old fashion way by visiting project page and copying download link. Or you can install it with Drush or Composer, depending on your project setup:

Drush: drush en hierarchical_taxonomy_menu -y

Composer: composer require drupal/hierarchical_taxonomy_menu

How to use it?

After you enable the module, go your Block layout 'admin/structure/block' and add a block named 'Hierarchical taxonomy menu' to the region you want. Here you can choose a vocabulary, with or without image, and set eventual image size. There is also an option to make menu collapsible.


To see this module in action please visit demo page.

Development of this module has been sponsored by Studio Present.

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